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Neither Nor NOPE

Three most interesting Fellows;

1- a- Gwynne Dyer

b- Dyer on War part 1 of

7 part series

2- Insights of Dr.Eric R. Pianka

About Dr. Pianka

3- Doctor Tim Ball of Winnipeg


4- Doc Carlin


All are works in Progress.

All papers are in PDF, Right Click Link etc etc

P aper 1 - About Smeall Tech

P aper2- About Ebola & Famine

P aper3- Cosmos Science or LACK there of ...

P aper4- A Very Inconvenient Solution -- if any

P aper5- Coal America's Ace in the Hole

P aper6- The Strange Case of Mister EBOLA, why did/does it just always STOP?!

P aper7 - The amazing ZAPATA Air Board.  How it works? here>>>